Fu Manchu

After almost 25 years together, Scott Hill and company return with their first full-length album in close to five years.  Features a slightly more primitive, raw and ultra fuzzed-out sound than previous releases.

Jack Ruby

“Jack Ruby occupy a place right between early seventies street rock, post Roxy/Hawkwind synthesis and the future sound of Punk and No Wave.”  Jon Savage.

Withered Hand

The eleven meditations on love, fidelity and transience therein see Willson’s songwriting hit dizzying heights: by turns confessional and melancholy, raucous and life-affirming; his trademark dark humour turned down a wee notch; life, in all its many facets, turned up to full.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

The Double 7” is coloured vinyl , you’ll have to buy it to find out what colour . Both CD & Vinyl are limited to 2,000 worldwide & are individually hand numbered from 1 to 2000 .

Public Image Limited

“This Is PiL sees a shape-shifting band that has now evolved into a mischievous and settled four-piece. ” The Quietus


DURING THE 80S Dokken were riding a wave of success that had them bracketed in the same league as heavy hitters like Mötley Crüe, Quiet Riot, the Scorpions and Ratt.


It’s said that some of the greatest music is created through acrimony and conflict.


NO MATTER how hard they tried, the feuding principals of Dokken, that’s vocalist Don Dokken and guitarist extraordinaire George Lynch , failed to impede the band’s commercial progress.

The Fauns

“finds them imbued with new purpose- see the instrumental squalls which punctuate album stand-out ‘Seven Hours’, or the interlocking guitar figures of ‘4AM’, resonating with the atmospheric tendencies of the XX.”


“It seemed like a good idea at the time…,” begins the explanation of Wire’s original motivation for ‘Change Becomes Us’